The little things

There are the obvious things I’m looking forward to on this trip, like learning Spanish and meeting people from all over the world. And the obvious things I’m going to miss, like my family and friends. But there’s a few smaller things:

I’m looking forward to:

  • Not wearing make up
  • getting some real sunshine
  • hammocks
  • being freed of my iPhone

I’m going to miss:

  • as the title suggests frogs legs and Marmite
  • add to that cadbury’s cream eggs and baguettes
  • nail varnish
  • Wikipedia and IMDb


2 thoughts on “The little things

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  1. Jenny, you leave me for one day and all hell breaks loose lol so muh has happened today n all i wana do is Whatsapp you! Why didnt you take your iphone with you. I miss you so much already n feel like i am truely blessed to have you in my life. I hope your flight was safe n stress free n i cant wait to hear from you xx


  2. Aw mate that’s the sweetest thing, I really miss you too! Would have been so awesome to arrive here with you. Send me a FB message I still want to know everything! I might not be so instant in replying but I’ll always get back to you. and you know I feel the same way about you! xxxxxxx


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