Travelling Solo

One of my biggest worries coming to South America was sticking out. As the blondest, whitest and tallest peron in the streets of Lima it was pretty hard to pretend to be a local. I was surpsied at how few other touristy looking people I saw, and only two were also alone, both men, both looking like it wasn’t there first trip. When I saw a friendly, european looking old couple I was tempted to stick with them for a while to be relived of some of the staring.

On the plus side though, from reading the guide books and advice online, within my first few days I was explecting to be mugged, abducted or at least ripped off, but nothing bad happened. Quite the oposite, anyone I spoke to was more than happy to help.

Two days alone in Lima was pretty bearable. However it made me realise how much I like to talk. I was sat next to a lovely Trujillian lady on the 10 hour bus journey to her home town. I think she was pretty lucky my spanish is so bad or I would have talked the whole way.


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