Sign of things to come

My first night out in Huanchaco was a good taster of things to come. The first pleasant surprise was that in Peru, they do things like in Manchester sometimes: Mamachas (a bar we are quite accustomed to now) has Jenga.

This week Huanchaco was celebrating the Virgen Mary, which happens only once every five years. We watched the fireworks on the beach that ended the celebrations.


Walking back to Mamachas we saw that our carage was awating to take us to the reggae night. Here you don’t get a taxi to the party, as I found out tonight, you jump in the back of a pick up truck.

At the club was my next pleasant surprise, a skate ramp next to the stage… What else? We got to witness a few decent tricks from the skaters before the live reggae band. That’s how it’s done here on a friday night.

The next day after a pancake breakfast, lying under the parasol that was shading me from the cloudless sky, I couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend the day.


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