Let them eat cake.

I’m not sure how, but between some of us volunteers, we have become “cake buddies”.

It seems that here in Huanchaco, a fair amount of the volunteers have a high need for cake, at least for me, higher than at home. Us cake hunters have buddied up and are making it our mission to try all the cake shops in town. The idea of having a buddy is so that you can always have 2 cakes and share them, meaning you can try more cakes faster. Or simply share one slice if you´re pretty full already. The point also is to discuss and compare the cakes.

I have been pretty impressed with the level of cake in Huanchaco I have to say. But I made caramel shortbreads here the other day, so may not need to look for anymore. I am happy to find that caramel shortbreads are a success on this side of the world also. Thanks grandma for the recipe and mom for making them with me for so long!

I would advise anyone to have a cake buddy.


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