the Surf School


Volunteering at the surf school has not been exactly what I expected… as expected

I thought I would arrive here, and it would be all sorted and I would get told what to do, have a clear time table and responsabilites, and just get on with it.

Unfortunatly at the time I arrived, the volunteer organization hadn’t had a manager for months, and there had been problems at the surf school it had been working with. As a new manager was arriving a few days after me, it seemed no one really knew what was happening with the surf school.

Luckily a few other new volunteers were as eager as me to get this project back on track. After a week or so of speaking to a new the surf school, the volunteer organisation and the kids, we finaly got the classes going again.

Basically this project is to get the kids from a poorer background to have surf lessons for free. They live so close to the sea, all they need is some surf gear and you never know, there could be some really good surfers amongst them.

From the start we had about 7 kids coming each time and plenty of volunteers to help out. Our roles are to go and get the kids from there neighboorhood, get them ready with wetsuits and boards and then be in the water with them to help them catch waves and stand up.

It was difficult setting up the lessons, and a worry the kids wouldn’t turn up, but after a few lessons with most of them standing up on there surf boards it all seemed worth it.

Now the kids have gone back to school and the water has gone cold, the classes have ended for the winter. I wish I was back here next summer to see them surf again.


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