El Sombrero

One thing on my list I didn’t manage to get before coming to Peru was a hat. I’d been here for 3 weeks and had no more luck. It’s not that I hadn’t seen hats for sale, it’s just that I hadn’t seen a “nutral” hat. It’s like no matter what hat I buy, I’m making a statement.

Here are my choices: either I get a baseball cap and look like and American tourist, i could get a large rimmed hat and look like a lady. Or I could go for a cowboy hat and look American again. I could even go for a huge sombrero, I wouldn’t really pass as a Mexican and I’d be sure to be protected from the sun. Maybe I should just go for one of those floppy hats that packs up small and would make me look like I’m going fishing.

I feel like I ended up having to pick the best of a bad bunch. Not that there’s anything wrong with any of these, they’re just not me. On our weekend in Mancora me and Cornelia opted for matching trilbys. I wish mine could have come with a sign saying “it’s not a fashion statement, the sun is just really hot today”

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