Stereotypical Traveller

I hate when I see those travelling people, the ones that seem like they’ve tried too hard to look like a traveller. Kind of a boho type, probably with dreads, really baggy trousers, worn out T-shirt and far too many bracelets. Alas, in under two months I caught myself in a mirror, and realised it was maybe time I bought one. Somehow, gradually I’ve sliped into the ways of one of those I just described. See this:


I pretty much live in my gringo pants (stripy trousers all travellers seem to own in Huanchaco),

I’m never sure if it’s time to wash my hair,

I own a triby (see previous post for the reasonning behind that one),

I make barcelets on long bus journeys (not quite selling them on the beach yet….yet),

there is practicaly a competition to see who can go the longest without shaving their legs,

I have an ankle bracelt,

I wear bikinis instead of bras,

I am really not bothered about wearing the same clothes all the time (it’s so much easier to pick what to wear when you have nothing),

and now, I have a braid in my hair.

I should be bothered about all these changes, but actually there is a reason travellers look the way they do. This way of life is so much better when you’re on the road.


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