The beach


Cornelia Anna Foreste and I are preparing to leave Huanchaco in one week. This has creeped up on us all, but when I pointed this out to the girls, Forest’s reaction was somewhat over the top “WHAAAAAT???? DUUUUDE!!! FUCK, NO WAY!!!”. We’d known our leaving date for a good month now so the rest of us had to ask her what planet she’d been living on.


I already know how much I’ll miss this little town. The past 2 months here I’ve felt like I live in a bubble where life is easy and time goes slow. When I first arrived in Huanchaco I wanted to go to the big supermarket at the mall, because it’s similar to European shops and felt a bit like home (they sold Dairy Milk, France doesn’t even sell Dairy Milk). But after only a few weeks of being here the mall was the last place I wanted to go. It was like in the film The Beach, when no one wants to go to the mainland for provisions. It gets worse and worse every time you have to go. You start to wonder why you ever needed it when everything you could ever want is right here in our little Huanchaco bubble.


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