My Endless Summer

Screen shot 2013-11-22 at 16.58.02v2
one of my last surfs

At the beginning of October 2013, my endless summer was finally drawing to an end.

After nearly a year of sunshine, surf and a very pleasant lack of responsibilities, I decided that I was ready to go back to a city, and get a “real” job (it was only a coincidence that my money was running out, great timing really).

How the tables turned

I knew there would be a few things that I would long for once the novelty of having my own bedroom faded. I made a note of some of these, and 8 months later, I can safely say that sharing a room with 14 strangers was a very small price to pay.

  • Having to pick nothing more than something to throw on over a bikini in the morning (Layering up is so inconvenient and time consuming)
  • Grown men and women skateboarding
  • My tan (everything goes with a tan)
  • Zero make up (it would just sweat off my face, another excellent time saver)
  • A single conversation starting in French, flowing through to Spanish and ending in English. It became the best way to communicate, more vocabulary and less sense…
  • Nobody caring what I do for a living, that is if I do anything at all
  • Or if I have any direction in life..
  • It being October 2013, and still thinking we’re in 2012, ’cause that’s the last time I needed to know what the date was
  • Walking barefoot, always. I have taken after my dear Foreste now… “I strongly dislike shoes”

    nice shoes foreste

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