Every year on the 13th of July, I am reminded more than on other days of how time just won’t slow down, or stop. I’m ok with it most of the time, mostly because I might as well, as there’s not much I can do about it anyway.

But getting on isn’t made easy for anybody. There are a lot of things out there that make you think that you’re past it, at pretty much any age. It can be due to the media, showing new famous faces that look barely 18, but who have already written their 3rd album, or competed in the olympics… twice. Or it can just be that friend, the bastard that is only a few months younger, that won’t fail to remind you how ooooold you now are. Or it can be someone else’s age making you realise your own. I actually remember my brother turning 12, and thinking: he’s so old!!!! Wait, that means I’m going to be old soon! (I was 10, 12 was a hole 1/5 of a life away). And sometimes, it’s just your own age that hits you right in the face.

Now to be clear, I don’t think I’m old. But sometimes I think, 26… 26?????? When did that happen. I swear I was 17 just before I blinked.

17…(still have that scarf, still have the jacket…)


But one thing I’ve realised while getting older, is that no one prepares you for it. I mean I always knew I would get older, it’s pretty obvious, but you just never think about it till it’s happened. When as a kid you joke about how adults are old, they say yes, but you’ll be our age someday, but they never tell you what that’s really like, to change age group. As it happened, turning 25 didn’t phase me, but ticking the box “25-35” instead of “18-24” for the first time was a horrendous experience.

I think what makes it difficult to understand is that I feel like I haven’t changed, it’s more that things around me have changed. I learnt to be independent, so I went off and did stuff.  And then all of a sudden, I’m 26. So maybe I have changed, but I’m still me. And when old people say, sometimes they look at themselves in a mirror and wonder who that old person is starring back at them, I know that’ll be me one day, but I’m deciding now that I’ll be ok with it. I have decided (but this is subject to change) to grow old gracefully. Yep, I plan on looking more like this

2014-08-03 22.39.28, than this.1160485-jackie-stallone-a-hollywood-le-13-950x0-1



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