Giving in to Laziness

Laziness to me, feels like a giant teddy bear, that decides to sit on you out of the blue. It can come and sit on you as soon as you get up in the morning, and stay there for a few hours. Sometimes it’ll stay there all week. And sometimes, if you fight it really hard, with all your productive might, it’ll leave you alone for a while.

Even just to pick up this pen and start writing, I felt like I had to fight Laziness with all the energy in me. It’s ridiculous though, I’m only sat on the bus, I have nothing better to do other than listen to the same songs that have been on my iPhone for the last 3 years (due to Laziness), or stare out the window. But then Laziness comes along, he could sit anywhere on the bus but he sits next to me. He points out at the street, and he’s right, staring out the window is so much better than being productive.

I wonder if people who get more done have a stronger ability to fight off Laziness, or if they were born with a less prominent lazy gene. Either way, I envy them. Sometimes it’s enough to make me jump (ok more like roll) out of bed at 8.30 on a saturday morning and be super productive, and sometimes I can’t help think that it’s ok to give in to the big Laziness teddy bear, and lie there a few hours more.

Maybe if I enjoy doing nothing so much, I should really embrace Laziness. He doesn’t seem to be going anywhere in a hurry anyway.


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