Why Green Is The New Black

Welcome to Green Is The New Black. The purpose of this blog is simple, I want to live a greener life, but I’m not always sure of how to do so. I also believe that a lot of other people want to make a difference too. I want to look at small and big useful ways I can change my habits, and share what I find with you here.

I will be looking out for new green inventions, trying products that have less of an impact on our planet, finding companies that are making steps to becoming eco-friendly, and generally looking at how other people and other countries are making a difference and how I can implement these into my life.

I am not here to try and convince anyone that something needs to be done, that’s the scientists’ job! I am here to try and help anyone that is already convinced that lowering their impact on the planet is a necessity. If you know of any ways to go green then please feel free to share them here.

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