The Microbeads App You Need

Unfortunately when it comes to new legislation protecting the environment, the urgency of the situation doesn’t seem to be reflected in the speed of its implementation. In September 2016 the government announced its plan to ban microbeads from cosmetic products. But like the 5p charge on plastic bags, announced in September 2013 and put in place in October 2015 (that’s 14 billion bags not saved), the elimination of microbeads is likely to still take some months, if not years. On the up side, some brands are voluntarily phasing them out, and some retailers are planning to stop selling products containing them without waiting for legislation to change. But in the meantime, we can do something better, stop buying them. If there is no demand for microbeads, there’s no production. If you’re unsure whether your products contain microbeads, use the Beat The Microbead app. I love it, and I use my St Ives face scrub knowing it doesn’t contain any plastic (just walnut shell!).

One thing though, if you have an unfinished product that contains microbeads, I can’t figure out if it’s more environmentally friendly to chuck the rest of it in the bin or finish it… Any opinions?

Get Beat The Microbead App here

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