Amazon Reef

Amazon Reef
Greenpeace image of the Amazon Reef

If like me, you missed this massive piece of news from last year, you might be excited to know that in April 2016, scientists discovered a coral reef in the Amazon. Very cool, especially considering how unlikely they were to find anything in the area due to the conditions not being favourable for a reef to thrive. It is a particularly exciting discovery, considering the current state of most of the coral reefs we do know about, to find one that is untouched. The reef is said to be almost 1,000km long, where the Amazon river meets the Atlantic Ocean. Unfortunately, even before it was discovered it was already under threat. Oil companies that are a bit slow on the whole lets-move-away-from-fossil-fuel-before-we-all-die thing, are trying to obtain permission to drill down for oil. So if you’re wondering if there’s anything you can do to help save the planet, right now, without having to do very much, look no further. Greenpeace have a petition going to help protect the area, and you can sign it at the link bellow.

Luckily for this coral reef, it is hard to explore under murky waters and strong currents, so we are unlikely to damage it with tourism and too much human intervention. But oil companies have different sets of priorities, so we need to make sure the area is protected. We don’t need more oil, and we definitely don’t need another oil spill. Sign the petition and pass it on!

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