Plastic-Free Supermarkets Are No Longer Just A Pipe Dream

We all know plastic is clogging up our oceans, it’s being eaten by animals and it’s getting into our food change. The solution seems simple: stop using plastic. But the problem is more complex, plastic is everywhere. If a product isn’t made out of plastic, its most likely wrapped in it. Well, hopefully not for much longer.
Recently a grocery shop opened up in London called Bulk. There is not a single piece of plastic to be found in the store! It’s brilliant. For now it’s a small pop up on Daslton high street, but hopefully soon it’ll have a new permanent home and larger space in Hackney.
When I visited Bulk, I brought my own egg tray (from the previous ones I’d bought at Tesco), and filled it with organic, free range and the best tasting eggs I’ve had in a long time. I had also brought some Tupperware that I filled with chickpeas (enough to cover me for winter), and I bought a bamboo toothbrush that I had been meaning to try.
Verdict: Bulk is doing some amazing work in helping to reduce the plastic problem. However, being a small independent business it can’t compete with Tesco prices. But as the concept grows and Bulk gets more established, hopefully they will be in a position to come closer to the big supermarket prices. In the meantime I will keep shopping at Bulk occasionally, and at the bigger chains the rest of the time. Brining my own bags and buying loose veg of course.


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