Volunteering – The Unexpected Joys Of Teaching English In Madagascar

I did know, when signing up with Blue Ventures, that they taught English to their local staff, and that part of our duties would involves helping out in the classes. I thought this sounded minor, and probably something I could handle. Well, talk about being thrown in the deep end.

Madagascar – Day 1

The first thing I must remember, is that’s it’s day one. On the 24h long journey to get to Antananarivo, Madagascar's capital (Tana for short, you're welcome), I had all the classic thoughts: "What am I doing?", "Why am I crossing London in the freezing dead of night?", "Why don’t I just stay right here... Continue Reading →

Giving in to Laziness

Laziness to me, feels like a giant teddy bear, that decides to sit on you out of the blue. It can come and sit on you as soon as you get up in the morning, and stay there for a few hours. Sometimes it'll stay there all week. And sometimes, if you fight it really... Continue Reading →


Every year on the 13th of July, I am reminded more than on other days of how time just won't slow down, or stop. I'm ok with it most of the time, mostly because I might as well, as there's not much I can do about it anyway. But getting on isn't made easy for... Continue Reading →

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