The price I pay (to live in London)

I checked my account recently, and it's been bad before, but this was bad. In my account, I had, one whole pound. On the 7th of the month. 3 weeks before pay day. The aggravating thing is that I haven't even splashed out, I've been careful since the start of the month, I haven't treated... Continue Reading →

Don’t ask me for a flat white

One big down side of being a runner again, is that I'm back to making coffee. I remember after getting my first "proper" job as an After Effects artist, feeling like Rachel in Friends when she quit Central Perk saying, "you have no idea how good it feels to say that as of this moment... Continue Reading →

A Big Dollop Of Luck

"I'm never going to get a job!", I scream dramatically in my head after searching for at least an hour. But like every time I apply for jobs, that's really what it feels like. Until I get a job. And then I'm more like "What? I was never worried!" The harsh reality of job searching,... Continue Reading →

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