CHICAMA!!!!! (18 march 2013)

What a lovely day today. Not so lovely early rise at 6:30. Evan was kind enough to say how much he liked me in the morning. I know, who doesn't? "such a charmer" he said. So Foreste, Evan and I made our way to Chicama, in search of the longest left hand break in the... Continue Reading →

Stereotypical Traveller

I hate when I see those travelling people, the ones that seem like they've tried too hard to look like a traveller. Kind of a boho type, probably with dreads, really baggy trousers, worn out T-shirt and far too many bracelets. Alas, in under two months I caught myself in a mirror, and realised it... Continue Reading →

Needing a Break

It was strange taking a weekend break from Huanchaco, like we needed one... but after volunteering for over a month, 9 of us volunteers decided to go up to Mancora in northern Peru. As great as our Huanchaco days were, volunteering can be frustrating so it was good to get away. The idea to head... Continue Reading →

1 month of surf (1st March 2013)

The disadvantage of realising I'd been in Peru for a month, was realising what I hadn't achieved. I didn't think I would have changed the world, become trilingual or a pro surfer, but I thought I might have progressed a little faster. After about a week I bought my very own surfboard, Carlitos (later renamed... Continue Reading →

El Sombrero

One thing on my list I didn't manage to get before coming to Peru was a hat. I'd been here for 3 weeks and had no more luck. It's not that I hadn't seen hats for sale, it's just that I hadn't seen a "nutral" hat. It's like no matter what hat I buy, I'm... Continue Reading →

Step by step…

On the 17th Feb 2013, 15 volunteers/backpackers set of from Huanchaco at 7:30am to climb Cerro la Compaña (or the sleeping Gorrila, cos that's what it looks like). We didn't take a guide, I don't think they exist anyway, but we did have Osku, an ex volunteer who had climbed it with a group before.... Continue Reading →

You don’t know how lucky you are…

Things I took for granted before coming to Peru: a roof on the whole of the house school showers that can be something other than freezing or scolding showers you don't get electroshocks in toilets that have toilet paper, soap and towels, and that flush towel paper shops that keep their meat in the fridge... Continue Reading →

the Surf School

Volunteering at the surf school has not been exactly what I expected... as expected I thought I would arrive here, and it would be all sorted and I would get told what to do, have a clear time table and responsabilites, and just get on with it. Unfortunatly at the time I arrived, the volunteer... Continue Reading →

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