Should You Ever Pay To Volunteer?

When I first looked into volunteering 5 years ago, I didn't understand the concept of paying to volunteer. It seemed contradictory. I was already giving up my time and salary to work for free, why should I pay for it as well? With that in mind, I found a charity in Peru where it was... Continue Reading →

Machu Picchu

After leaving our home of Huanchaco in northern Peru, Cornelia, Foreste, Anna and I felt pretty low on our way south to Cusco. But instead of wallowing in self pity we decided to book our trip to Machu Picchu, and that definitely lifted our spirits. Cusco is the town closest to the site and that's... Continue Reading →

The beach

Cornelia Anna Foreste and I are preparing to leave Huanchaco in one week. This has creeped up on us all, but when I pointed this out to the girls, Forest's reaction was somewhat over the top "WHAAAAAT???? DUUUUDE!!! FUCK, NO WAY!!!". We'd known our leaving date for a good month now so the rest of... Continue Reading →

Thin air

For Semana Santa (Easter weekend), 15 volunteers decided to head to Huaraz for a few days. Huanchaco is at sea level, in the desert, while Huaraz in at 3200 meters in the green Andes mountain range. On the night bus ride, I woke up a few times and could start to feel the lack of... Continue Reading →

Driving in Peru

Here are the rules I've gathered from being on the road in Peru (thankfully never in the drivers seat): •the double white lines in the middle of the road are more of a guide line. • if someone in front is driving too slow for your liking, put on the full beams to blind them.... Continue Reading →

CHICAMA!!!!! (18 march 2013)

What a lovely day today. Not so lovely early rise at 6:30. Evan was kind enough to say how much he liked me in the morning. I know, who doesn't? "such a charmer" he said. So Foreste, Evan and I made our way to Chicama, in search of the longest left hand break in the... Continue Reading →

Stereotypical Traveller

I hate when I see those travelling people, the ones that seem like they've tried too hard to look like a traveller. Kind of a boho type, probably with dreads, really baggy trousers, worn out T-shirt and far too many bracelets. Alas, in under two months I caught myself in a mirror, and realised it... Continue Reading →

Needing a Break

It was strange taking a weekend break from Huanchaco, like we needed one... but after volunteering for over a month, 9 of us volunteers decided to go up to Mancora in northern Peru. As great as our Huanchaco days were, volunteering can be frustrating so it was good to get away. The idea to head... Continue Reading →

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