My Surf Commandments

On the 4th of August I went out for a surf at 8 am. Now, I am not a morning person (I'm sure if you know me you already know that), but for some reason getting up to surf isn't that difficult. Usually, I peel myself out of bed, get changed, grab a board and... Continue Reading →

Surfing with my friends (12.04.2013)

I'm not sure I would have carried on surfing so much if it wasn't for my surf buddies. The main one being Foreste of course, but never forgetting Evan, Becca and Rosanne and many others. It has never mattered how bad I or we are when we surf together. There is nothing like paddling through... Continue Reading →

CHICAMA!!!!! (18 march 2013)

What a lovely day today. Not so lovely early rise at 6:30. Evan was kind enough to say how much he liked me in the morning. I know, who doesn't? "such a charmer" he said. So Foreste, Evan and I made our way to Chicama, in search of the longest left hand break in the... Continue Reading →

1 month of surf (1st March 2013)

The disadvantage of realising I'd been in Peru for a month, was realising what I hadn't achieved. I didn't think I would have changed the world, become trilingual or a pro surfer, but I thought I might have progressed a little faster. After about a week I bought my very own surfboard, Carlitos (later renamed... Continue Reading →

the Surf School

Volunteering at the surf school has not been exactly what I expected... as expected I thought I would arrive here, and it would be all sorted and I would get told what to do, have a clear time table and responsabilites, and just get on with it. Unfortunatly at the time I arrived, the volunteer... Continue Reading →

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