Should You Ever Pay To Volunteer?

When I first looked into volunteering 5 years ago, I didn't understand the concept of paying to volunteer. It seemed contradictory. I was already giving up my time and salary to work for free, why should I pay for it as well? With that in mind, I found a charity in Peru where it was... Continue Reading →

Volunteering – The Unexpected Joys Of Teaching English In Madagascar

I did know, when signing up with Blue Ventures, that they taught English to their local staff, and that part of our duties would involves helping out in the classes. I thought this sounded minor, and probably something I could handle. Well, talk about being thrown in the deep end.

Geography lesson

Meeting all the volunteers has certainly tested my geography, and theirs too apparently "the Eiffel Tower is in France right?". I can't laugh though with my "wait, there's native Americans in Canada?". Not surprisingly we all speak English to each other, and I regularly forget it's not most people's first language as their level is... Continue Reading →

La Rampa

One of the projects our organisation is working on is the skate ramp. It's a small enclosed play area the kids can come to every day. My first interaction with the kids was interesting to say the least. When we unlocked the play area a few of the boys grabbed some skate boards and were... Continue Reading →

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