Madagascar – Day 1

The first thing I must remember, is that’s it’s day one. On the 24h long journey to get to Antananarivo, Madagascar's capital (Tana for short, you're welcome), I had all the classic thoughts: "What am I doing?", "Why am I crossing London in the freezing dead of night?", "Why don’t I just stay right here... Continue Reading →

Jsut Becuase I Cna’t Spell Deons’t Maen I Cna’t Wrtie.

I wish someone had told the 7-year-old me, who'd just found out she was dyslexic, that it's ok to write, even if you can't spell. I went through the next 11 years at school thinking I was rubbish in French (French taught in France, not as a foreign language). So it came as a bit... Continue Reading →

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